Monday, November 30, 2015

Introduction - Saigon Pearl

Five - star apartments with Saigon River view

Saigon Pearl, facing the running Saigon River in a great location with an overall completed architectural plan and all - green living environment, is the most ideal and enjoyable living space. Therefore, Saigon Pearl is worth being rated as five - star living standard.
Introduction - Saigon Pearl

A masterpiece of architectural work

Far away from traffic roads, the whole building are ensured to a peaceful and pure life for resident. Besides, either the small corners or the whole architectural work in Saigon Pearl often show their nice appearance in the most logical way.

On the other hand, public facilities as swimming pool, park ... placed by Saigon River is an additional consideration for the resident to enjoy fresh air as well as the peaceful beauty of natural landscape.

Generally speaking, Saigon Pearl is blessed by its natural harmony.
Saigon Pearl owns the largest scale of green density in Vietnam, which makes the living value here nearly perfect for the residential. Inside Saigon Pearl, all main internal roads and central areas  are full with naturally green. You are really sunk in the nature and enjoy the fresh air.

In particular, with the location by Saigon River, the riverside park is a speciality of Saigon Pearl, which other projects desire to have. The park shall be an ideal place for the residence to do exercise in the morning, relaxation and entertainment with the whole family at the sunset. 

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